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Division D & E Round Robin

By Corbin Strong, 01/10/19, 12:45PM CST


Sign your team up for a free round robin, Sunday Feb 10th

On Sunday, February 10th, we will host a complimentary round-robin tournament to assist D & E teams only in assessing player ratings and ensuring teams commit to the correct division.  To register your team, please email

The tournament will be held at Herman Brown Softball Complex.

Herman Brown Softball Complex
175 Oates Rd
Houston, TX 77013


*****Please send your current ratings roster to the competition coordinator ( for the Spring Season by Thursday at Noon. If it's not fully complete, just make assumptions on player ratings, you can always change it.


1. Place: Herman Brown Park

2. Schedule is below

3. All games are coin flip to determine home and away.

4. 50 minute time limit with 1 international tie break inning. 

5. We will be using our current MSLA Rules of play. (attached)

            a. 1-1 Count with a courtesy foul

            b. One courtesy runner per inning and can be anyone on the line-up

            c. E division will abide by the same Roster and Line-Up Rules as D-Competitive Under Section 13.1 of the Rules of Play

6. We will be using the pick-a-stick bats, so bats will be provided and must be used.

7. I will have line-up cards for teams to use.

8. We will have a home book for the home teams to keep during the game.


*Note: Splash D and Clutch may be looking to scrimmage after the games if anyone is interested. We'll know more at Thursdays Manager Council Meeting.


Please let me know if you have any questions.



  Field 1 Field 2 Field 3 Field 4
9am SOP Juggernauts Boomerang v Heathers TS vs Herricanes Cheetahs v D Knights
10am Stealth v Electric Hits Wave v Fireballs Cubcakes v Silver Balls Rage v Scuba Divers
11am SOP Stealth Boomerang v Fireballs TS vs Silver Balls Cheetahs v Scuba Divers
12pm Juggernauts Electric Hits Heathers v Wave Herricanes v Cubcakes D Knights v Rage
1pm SOP Electric Hits Boomerang v Wave TS vs Cubcakes Cheetahs v Rage
2pm Juggernauts v Stealth Heathers v Fireballs Herricanes v Silver Balls D Knights v Scuba Divers