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Are You Ready to Play Ball?


IMPORTANT - READ THE DETAILS BELOW. All players must be registered and paid (via the link on the right side of this page) on or before September 24. Act quickly!

Tentative Dates:

  • September 24th (Registration Deadline)
  • September 26th (FB Week 1)
  • October 2nd & 3rd (No Games - Bourbon Street Classic)
  • October 10th (FB Week 2)
  • October 17th (FB Week 3)
  • October 24th (FB Week 4) Costume Contest (winner receives a free spring registration for the 2022 season)
  • November 7th (FB Week 5)
  • November 14th (single elimination tournament, seedings TBD by division outcomes)
  • November 21st (rainout date)

Fields:  TBD


National League/Competitive: The teams in this division will be comprised mostly of C and mid-to-high rated D players. 

American League/Recreational: The teams in this division will be comprised mostly of mid-to-lower rated D and E players.

Managers will declare their division when they submit their team rosters. If a team wishes to play in a division outside of the qualifications outlined below, approval from the Fall Ball Chairperson is required.

Team Format:  

  • Make your own team; 14 players minimum (recruits/free agents can be picked up by coaches based on availability and to make their 14. All remaining recruits/free agents will be built into a team (if enough players exist). Managers should reach out to the Fall Ball Chair if they need support completing a team.
  • Each player will register on their own, and at the registration deadline, the team manager will submit a roster for registration verification.
  • Any players needed to fill a team on the day of games may be picked up to make their 10

Player Fee:  $35/player (each player will receive a 2021 Fall Ball wristband)

Managers Submit Rosters:

By September 24, Managers must submit a team roster via email to with your team name, division and each player's first and last name (as they used to register). We do not need ratings, only an email with team name, division and your each player's first and last name. 

The Registration "Fall" is not currently available.

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Steven Amedeo

Steven Amedeo

Fall Ball Chair

Scott Olsen

Scott Olsen

Umpire In Charge