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Fall Ball 2022


Fields:  Community Park (click here for directions)

Schedule:  Week 1 (September 25th) - Full schedule will be released on September 19th

We will play on Sunday only!

General Information:  Click here

Rules of Play:  Click here


National League - The teams in this division will be comprised of higher rated players (B , C and mid-to-high D rated players). 

American League (Upper and Lower) - The teams in this division will be comprised mostly of mid-to-lower D and E rated players. This division will be split into two sub-divisions, after a first-week review. The schedule will be updated accordingly, if needed. 

Questions / Support: Please email

The Registration "Fall" is not currently available.

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Steven Amedeo

Steven Amedeo

Fall Ball Chair

Scott Olsen

Scott Olsen

Umpire In Charge